“Sure Safety’s” march to Innovative excellence was heralded by garnering knowledge, articulating facts, fostering innovations, instilling a culture to succeed and most importantly creating a desire to deliver and perform and finally sustaining what’s been created. The key to the growth has been of understanding and providing a ‘ONE STOP SOLUTION’ to the Industry needs as this was recognized and provided. The heart of the existence has been the ‘The Team Work’ which went way beyond typical hazards and created both Products and Services to handle them. This coupled with a wide spread ‘Network of People’ be it our own, our Dealers & Distributors or the Industry personnel and are today catering to all and sundry.

This led to the leadership position we were striving for and today as an organization we stand second to none in terms of Products, Services, Innovation and deliverance to those who have stood by us since the last two decades. This trust behind us and our zeal to innovate led us to create the:


The cutting edge has also been our vision to contribute to the Field of Safety and help sustain it. Today, this “SPACE SUIT” is the true example of planned innovative – excellence, keeping the environment conditions as would be faced by the astronauts while orbiting the ‘Zero Gravity’ Moon’s space. This makes ‘SSIPL’ the Fourth Company in the World and India the Fourth Country in the world to have its own innovation for Manned Space Program.

It’s been about the people we have, how they are led, and how much they get it in terms of self-satisfaction and the art of performance.

“Well, we can only say is that we’ve always known what we wanted in life, and when we knew what we wanted–we bent towards it. Sometimes we sped and sometimes we limped we don’t recollect what was better because it really doesn’t matter anymore now as we have been always on the move”

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